We are glad to inform you our valued friends having a passion for the Aegean about our new project EgeYakası at the European side after our project EgeBoyu where we have conveyed all the beauties of the Aegean to the Anatolian side. Because our motto as Eviya is "Have a good life at your home." Our goal is to save you from the same projects with ordinary living areas, as well as offering you special projects where you can enjoy your dream life with your family.
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In the EGEBOYU project, we convey the beauties of the Aegean to Istanbul. We convey the Aegean lifestyle which everyone regard with envy, where our mind stays on at each return from vacation, saying "some day I woud like to live here". Now we want to provide you with some tips. Think of stone houses welcoming you at each Aegean village, it refreshes everyone of us to sit next to them and have a cup of tea or coffee or eat fish.
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