10 percent launch special discount offer of EgeYakası continues

10 percent launch special discount offer at the rising boutique project EgeYakası from Eviya Real Estate - a Sinpaş GYO brand - in Atakent, Istanbul is in progress due to intense demand. At this special project, where 50 percent of apartments were sold since the launch on April, 4th, payment in instalments without pre-payment and interest is offered.

At this special project offering natives of Istanbul, the warm Aegean lifestyle featuring large and spacious homes along with its nature, architecture, and social areas, no 1+1 and studio apartment is available.

Alacati, Assos, Cunda and Foca houses are at EgeYakası
At the EgeYakası project designed by inspiration from the Santorini Island, there are four different types of building blocks: Alacati, Assos, Cunda and Foca. EgeYakası project, where windows with blinds having a wood-like appearance, offers the Aegean fresh air to citizens of Istanbul coloured in blue tones up to the top floors and with houses located without blocking each other's sunshine like in Santorini. In this project, just as in Aegean there are various living options such as apartments with winter gardens and a large balcony and villas with bay windows and pool.

Two separate pond areas: "Saklıköy" and "Fenerburnu"
Landscape design of EgeYakası which is arranged with elements from Aegean lifestyle has two separate water features. The pond with hobby gardens and Organic Market is called Saklıköy, whereas the feature inspired by the lighthouse in Foça is called Fenerburnu. Around both ponds there are wide walking paths and recreation areas.

Hobby gardens at EgeYakası to enjoy cultivating
Aegean people's favourite work in the garden is also considered at EgeYakası. At the Saklıköy part of the project, EgeYakası residents are given the opportunity to cultivate their own tomatoes, peppers and aubergines in their hobby gardens. At hobby gardens with an area of at least 9 sqm alongside cultivating your plants and flowers you may put your canvas and draw pictures and encourage your children to know and discover the nature.

The most enjoyable Aegean squares are in EgeYakası
EgeGurme Kitchen Workshop where you can cook delicious Aegean dishes is in EgeYakası. You shall cook your dishes after harvesting the freshest vegetables grown just next to you on the plant wall and spices and you shall socialize with your neighbors.

The village café under high plane trees developed through inspiration of village squares and the amphitheatre in EgePark inspired by the ancient city of Ephesus to carry the Square of Çınaraltı and Aegean history and culture to Istanbul is designed to make you and your children enjoy the time.

Aegean's most beautiful nature in EgeYakası
Along with olive and mastic trees which are typical for the Aegean region, grapevines, figs and fruit gardens and also thyme, lavender and rosemary of Aegean natural flora have taken their places at the EgeYakası landscape.

Aegean concept social activity areas and EgeÇarşı (Aegean Bazaar)
At the recreation center with Aegean concept within the project there is a semi-olympic size indoor swimming pool, fitness room and sun terraces. The biking course, bike parks, BBQ area, outdoor and indoor sports field surrounding the project offer a large area to EgeYakası residents for social life. There are shops for daily needs as well as cafés, restaurants inside EgeÇarşı which is just next to the project.

Apartments with at least 2+1 (2 bedrooms and 1 living room)
At EgeYakası the options are as follows: 2+1 (99 to 132 m2); 2.5 +1 stone house (130 m2); 3 + 1 (126 to 175m2) and 4+1 stone house and villa (176 m2).
With minimum prices of 536 thousand TL and a 10 per cent discount special to the launch period (483 thousand TL), EgeYakası, payment in instalments without pre-payment and interest is offered by the company Eviya Real Estate.

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