Confidentiality Principles and Terms of Use
EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL takes care to protect your personal privacy. This confidentiality policy explains types of information collected by EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL in this web site and how they are protected and kept.

Unless given voluntarily by visitors, EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL does not collect personal information about any EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL web site user.

In scope of this confidentiality policies we do not share, sell, rent or let used personal information (your name, e-mail address, work or residence address, telephone number) given to our site by visitors with third persons except EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL and group company SİNPAŞ REIC A.Ş.

You are explained what to do and how to change data if you do not want your personal information collected when you visit EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL web site. This policy is only valid for this web site and will not be valid for our advertisement or presentations at web sites owned by third persons.

Collection of Personal Information;
Using EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL web site and giving personal information voluntarily means accepting confidentiality policies and terms advertised in this site. Our visitors can give their personal information, on voluntary context, during flat sales reservation, filling questionnaire form or demanding newsletters. If you do not give this information voluntarily, no individual information is collected from your visits to our site.

Purpose and Usage Method of Information Collection;
EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL can use your information for the purposes given below with your permission;
- To send printed newsletters, periodicals and letters on campaigns
-To inform you via e-mail, SMS and fax on campaigns,
- To determine our visitor profile,
- To evaluate demand and complaints
Personal information and this data are only used for the said purposes and due to court decisions or legal procedures during investigations.

Collection of other impersonal Information;
EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL collects information like user density, visited section , clicked areas automatically and without names during surfing of users in our web site. This data is only used to determine following rates of parts and different areas and is not associated with individual information of any visitor. When cookie technology, which determines how and from which passages the pages are visited, is used similarly statistical data to monitor different areas of site and to determine clicking rates. This is not a private application too. The purpose of this technology is to make the content of mostly visited parts easily accessible for visitors with the first visit to site.

Security of Information;
We take necessary precautions to protect security of your personal information and make serious investments on this area. Your information is subject to limited access in order to avoid unpermitted access, modification and abuse. EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL adds “confidentiality” article to contracts with service provider firms in order to avoid access of third persons to personal information for any reason. Do not share your password with anybody after you register to Sales System through Internet.

Conditions for Using the Website;
EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL uses its website to announce its campaigns, to inform visitors about subjects or contents which can attract attention and to inform about studies. EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL has the right to change and update web site content and terms and conditions published here ex parte without informing beforehand.

Changes in our Policies
EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL has the right to change or cancel this Confidentiality Policies.

Contact Us
If you would like to contact us in order to give your opinions about this Confidentiality Policies, to ask questions or inform us about breach of this Confidentiality Policies, you can use Contact Us link. EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL will take necessary precautions to meet demands. Each visitor who visits EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL website is assumed to have read and accepted these terms.

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