About Us
A step for special lives..

EVIYA Real Estate was established in 2011 as a new subsidiary of Turkey's largest Real Estate Investment Partnership which is within the ISE 50 index, a pioneer in real estate brand Sinpas GYO. Taking its name from the motto "Evinde İyi Yaşa" (Have a Good Life At Your Home) with a unique position at the sector EVIYA aims at introducing its unique and themed housing vision having a certain main idea to wider groups.

Realizing in 2012 in one of Istanbul's fast-growing provinces in Sancaktepe, Ege Boyu project consisting of residential and commercial areas rising on 40 thousand 500 square meters EVIYA has begun to act as a brand of Sinpaş GYO focusing on boutique projects in 2014. On April 4, 2014 second prestige project, EgeYakası was launched. The project will be rising on an area of 42 thousand square meters in Atakent Istanbul.

Our target is to develop sample projects of the real estate developing sector where investment value and life value will raise together.
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