Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Vision To create a working environment which is sensible towards ability and expectations of employees as our information and creativity source, which creates both individual rivalry energy and the common mind, and which supports success oriented team culture consciousness; to found and develop systems based on transparent, contemporary, just and efficiency principles in order to provide continuity of this working environment where chances are given to employees to develop their qualities and present their potentials and best products are created.

Out Human Resources Policy
  • To create and protect efficient and competent human resources profile which is open and demanding towards improvement and has tendency for team work,
  • To do necessary studies in order to increase participation, raise work force quality and create a pleasant working environment where equal relationships are formed,
  • To meet needs and expectations of our employees completely,
  • To provide warm and open communication with our employees,
  • To provide flexible career possibilities towards information and abilities of our employees,
  • To provide continuity of service without any error,
  • To provide equal sharing of information,
  • To direct institutional change.

Our Human Resources Application Principle The most important factor directing an institution and making it successful is the human power. Our basic purpose in recruitment process is to gain competent human resource who are demanding to use their potential completely, can form relationship between their purposes and targets of institution and open to development; and to have “the best human resource” who can integrate with global development process, who are appropriate to values and culture of our culture and have qualities necessary for the position.

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