An Aegean way of life rises in Istanbul Atakent from its nature up to its architecture.
Ege Yakası (Aegean Side) of Istanbul is being established

Assuming the leadership of real estate business with its unique and innovative projects Sinpaş GYO carries the Aegean to the European side of Istanbul with its brand Eviya which focuses on boutique projects. All the colours and symbols making up the Aegean region, the Aegean life, Aegean flora, Aegean architecture and Aegean bazaar turn out to be a brand new life concept at EgeYakası rising in Istanbul Atakent. EgeYakası project making you experience Aegean peace and warmth with large and spacious homes consists of 378 flats and houses beginning from 2+1, with 99 sqm up to 4 + 1, with 177 sqm on an area of forty-two thousand square meters.

The boutique brand of Sinpas GYO, Eviya's Real Estate, carries the beauties of Aegean life to the new attraction of the European side Atakent, after completion of EgeBoyu at the Anatolian side. Having developed the Aegean atmosphere with a distinctive approach from its architecture to its landscape design and from its green tones to blue tones at the project EgeYakası, Eviya introduced the unique and innovative world of the project in a press conference attended by Sinpaş GYO Chairman Seba Gacemer, Sinpaş GYO Vice Chairman Barış Ekinci and Eviya Real Estate General Coordinator Tuba Köse.

Seba Gacemer who become Sinpaş GYO Chairman after 23 years of experience inside the Sinpaş Group celebrating its 40th birthday this year, pointed out that they have merged the strong experience with innovative approach in new projects and went on to say: "We continue to offer our target customers at the top and middle segments Sinpaş Group's confidence, 40 years of experience and know-how by combining them with unique and innovative concepts. We, as Sinpaş Group design our projects with a great love.

About two years ago, when we were speaking to 'Aegean lovers' at our project EgeBoyu we have encountered an intense demand. Everyone raced with each other to be in this project and to live the Aegean lifestyle. Now EgeYakası will catch that trend. By this project from us the residents of European side will live on the Aegean side with the pleasure of an Aegean family. Providing traces of both sides of the Aegean, we have reached out up to Santorini in our project. Thanks to our topography with slopes, the houses of Santorini at the other side of the Aegean ranked on the hillside without blocking the sunshine of each other inspired us and EgeYakası concept was created".

Evaluating the developments in the sector and and the growth performance of Sinpas GYO, Seba Gacemer said: "Established brands such as Sinpaş are strong companies, competitive in every period with high brand awareness. In steady periods, Sinpaş always showed a rising acceleration and has been a safe harbor in the sector. As you will see its examples worldwide, in times of uncertainty and chaos about cash flow and credit rates there are a few companies which could meet customer's needs. In good times of the market there are many options for the customers. Companies which understand their customers and meet their expectations at times of crisis grow and go on their way.

We, as Sinpaş Group have shown a performance well above average in the first quarter of this year with an experience of more than 40 years. When compared to the same period of last year we have reached an increase of 97% at the sold quantity of residences and an increase of up to 95% at our turnover. Briefly, we have doubled up last year ."

After the speech of Gacemer at EgeYakası press conference, Eviya Real Estate General Co-ordinator Tuba Köse has told about project details.

All the Aegean is here from Island of Santorini to Alacati, Assos, Cunda, Foca
In this project where the Aegean architecture was revived one of the symbols of the Aegean, the Island of Santorini has been the main source of inspiration. On this inspiration fine details have been developed for Aegean lovers to make feel themselves in this beautiful geography.

In EgeYakası there are four different types of homes, Alacati, Assos, Cunda ve Foca. In the project, where windows with blinds having a wood-like appearance, coloured in blue tones up to the top floors with various details and where warm and comfortable Aegean houses will be built a unique landscape was designed.

All plants of the Aegean Flora and 53 separate hobby gardens
Indispensable for the Aegean region, olive trees, mastic trees, grapevines, figs, fruit gardens and flora roads such as thyme road, lavender road, and rosemary road reinforce the green world of landscape. All elements of Aegean vegetation which are able to live in Istanbul are included at EgeYakası flora. EgeYakası residents are also offered the opportunity to cultivate their own tomatoes, peppers and aubergines in their hobby gardens in Saklıköy.

Two separate water feature was developed at the unique landscape of EgeYakası. The pond with hobby gardens and Organic Market is called Saklıköy, whereas the feature inspired by the lighthouse in Foça is called Fenerburnu.
Around both pond areas wide walking and resting areas are available. At the playground developed for the children there is even a tree house. Çınaraltı Square developed through inspiration of Aegean village squares, Ege Gurme Kitchen Workshop for breakfast and other meals prepared with freshly harvested vegetables and spices and the amphitheatre in EgePark inspired by the ancient city of Ephesus to convey the Aegean history and culture to Istanbul is is included within the elements of a joyful life in EgeYakasi.

There are also Aegean social facilities and bazaar...
EgeYakası offers rich options regarding social facilities for you. Inside the Aegean concept facility of the project, there are semi-olympic size indoor swimming pool, fitness, spa, sauna, Turkish bath and sun terraces. The biking road surrounding the project, bike parks, BBQ area, indoor and outdoor sports fields are also in the EgeYakası.

There are shops for all daily needs as well as cafés, restaurants inside EgeÇarşı which is just next to the project.

Delivery of Alacati houses in April 2016, Assos, Cunda and Foca houses in August, 2016
These are the options in EgeYakası: 2+1, 2+1 with terrace and 2+1 with garden (99 to 132 m2); 2.5 +1 stone house (130 m2); 3 + 1, 3+1 with terrace and 3+1 with garden (126 - 175m2) and 4+1 stone home and villa (176 m2). Throughout the month of April sales at 10% discounted launch price are in progress.

Conveying peace and joy of Aegean life to Atakent in Istanbul's European side, in EgeYakası, Alacati houses will be delivered in April 2016 and Assos, Cunda and Foca houses will be delivered in August, 2016.

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