Quality Standards

Our projects are managed according to a "people first" approach in all processes with living comfort remaining as a priority to secure customer oriented quality standards.

EVİYA GAYRİMENKUL GELİŞTİRME VE YATIRIM A.Ş. ensures high quality production by establishing rigid control mechanisms in all processes.

Our buildings are constructed using advanced technology in strict compliance with 2007 Earthquake Regulation as well as provisions of Turkish Standards (TS) 500 "Rules Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Structures", Building Surveillance Law Nr. 4708 and respective regulations

Our buildings are constructed using Turkish Standards Institute (TSI) certified high quality construction material subject to stringent quality control tests performed on site and in laboratories by Building Auditing companies, technical consultants or universities.

All of the structures are constructed in accordance with comprehensive ground exploration studies and detailed ground survey reports. Loads are distributed to solid ground using pile raft foundation prepared with raft foundation or reinforced concrete cast pile technology depending on the project. Carrier systems are designed to safely bear seismic loads. Ready-mixed concrete undergoing on site/laboratory tests is TSI certified. Buildings use ready made reinforced concrete as appropriate to their static project.

All applications feature reinforced concrete carrier systems using TSI compliant quality certified and tested BCIII and BCIV reinforced concrete steel.
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